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Whether you are running a start-up or multinational organization, there is always scope to optimize your processes and reinvigorate your teams. In Tech-Led Culture, Duena Blomstrom highlights how you can discover the new innovations and technologies that can lead to meaningful and lasting change in your business. This book provides you with the insights, knowledge and confidence you need to improve your performance and ensure that your business thrives and grows in the increasingly innovative and competitive landscape. Employees and teams are more disengaged and fragmented than ever; get ahead of the competition and attract new talent by becoming the exception. Tech-Led Culture is an essential companion for any leader or changemaker looking to implement and sustain change initiatives within their business which will lead to more productivity, greater innovation and better performance.

Tech Led Culture - The Book

Tech Led Culture Front Cover
Duena Blomstrom


"Duena Blomstrom's book TECH-LED CULTURE is a key to opening up and working with human beings in technology-driven organizations.  She addresses the major issues that face technology leaders, including work in hybrid and complex environments, balancing work and home life, and above all providing workers with choices to make them both safe and productive.  She illustrates her points with telling examples from her own consulting experience as well as an array of small and large organizations across many cultures.  If you want to lead organizations with generative cultures, this book will provide much of the fine detail that you need to uplift morale and provide satisfying work."

Ron Westrum - Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Eastern Michigan University

“Required reading for leaders trying to transform their culture.”

Brett King, author, futurist and speaker


“A must-read for leaders wanting to sustain a competitive edge in this modern world.”

Dana Finster, Senior Technical Expert, Walmart


“When the need to rethink how, when where and why we work is more urgent than ever, this book is a timely read.”

Theodora Lau, author, podcaster and founder of Unconventional Ventures


“Provides a unique approach for a future that is more human-centric and sustainable. A practical guide for meeting this moment.”

Allessandria Polizzi, CEO and founder, Verdant Consulting


“Captures the essence of our new worldwide need for empathy and psychological safety.”

Tracy Bannon, software architect and digital transformation adviser

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People Not Tech Banner

People Not Tech is the tech arm of Tech Led Culture. They are the creators of a revolutionary work tool, a cross between a group therapy tool for teams by teams and an engineering performance dashboard for improving teaming, emotional engagement and the most crucial of ingredients for successful teams: psychological safety


Tears of Dopamine

BY and WITH Queer and NeuroSpicy Parents and Allies

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