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We at Tech Led Culture believe that...

  • The full potential of your people and business can only be achieved through Psychological Safety, EQ, the findings of Google's Aristotle, the principles of fearless, happy, safe, generative learning cultures and any other framework or methodologies proven to lower HumanDebt;

  • We believe in common language, amplifying each other and calling out both wrongs and rights in our industries or corners of the world when they concern humans in the workplace;

  • We believe strongly that "Humans Are Not Resources" and it is not "unprofessional to experience, acknowledge and express emotions at work"

  • People are owed a Debt of respect, appreciation, collaboration, mental and emotional health and safety by the enterprise - aka the Human Debt;

  • In some technical or industry-specific environments, this HumanDebt is likely connected to the amount of Tech Debt they have and their ability to attack it;

  • This HumanDebt has to be worked on by both the enterprise and the employees themselves at both an organisational and team level;

  • We believe that the professionals of the future will demand to work in environments where they feel they have a lot of autonomy and respect, low Human Debt and high Psychological Safety and team well-being;

  • We believe in complete flexibility in terms of the "where" the "when" and even the "how" of work and encourage teams to redefine their ways of working and their goals regularly;

  • The old structures and tenants that are common in most business structures are based on the industrial age needs of command and control that created fear-inducing behaviours and a climate of unsafety.  Now that modern business demands more of our collaboration and humanity not less of it, these are no longer fit for purpose.

  • We believe that If businesses want to remain competitive and sustainable they need to rethink their entire attitude towards the importance of urgently creating winning people-centric cultures that are also tech-led. 

  • We believe that teams and companies can create magic together when they strive for the greater good even if some of us are accidental or reluctant "social entrepreneurs"; "Human Debt Fighters" or "Human Debt Preventers"

Come find resources for HumanDebt Fighters - Libraries of free tools, advice and commentary from Tech Led Culture's Pods and Ideas and the humans that will make the work of the future start now and reasonably priced straight-talking digital materials, strategies and "humanizing -in-person help- from the people that believe this. 

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