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Secret Society POD

Our Main Idea: All of us who are out there advocating for the desperately needed HumanWork in the workplace that will lower the heinous HumanDebt™ 
(that was created by not making our employees happy or even healthy), should act as one in order to drive a mass-scale transformation in the mentality of corporations everywhere in particular in light of the "POC of remote work" being under fire and in light of AI marching in.

It doesn't matter if you're an HR person, a Product person, a Tech person, or a Finance person. A developer or an executive. Everyone needs to understand that there has been a paradigm change in the knowledge world of work and that from hereon collaboration, fearlessness and EQ will be required competitive advantages to be a competitive technology producer, or else. Yes we have all been saying all this for aeons but it's now or never for many!

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