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OUR PODS so far...

PODs, PODers and IDEAS

What is a POD?

---It's never an individual. It's a collection of two or more (hopefully many, many more) individuals who congregate around the same shared goal, passion and ideas. Do we already have a name for that you say? A team? Sure. Call it that. So this pod, or team, or what have you, they take their shared energy and voice and go out there and make it bigger in every way they can by amplifying their own voices.


Why don't they do that already?

---They do! Wonderfully and will thankfully continue to do so and create cross-pod-ing opportunities themselves (many already have!) Most of them are the voices and thoughts that have already shaped Technology in ways that may never be known because their own modesty is disabling them from being loud enough in this world of value-less noise.


This is why we must Amplify and Cross-Pod

---Their writings, ideas, talks and books have done so much to keep us from Human Debt indirectly by advocating for sound, big, human theories for tens of years of heroic and gruesomely undervalued contribution and research but this is too big a job for humanity: Redesigning work to be tech-led but human-centric. The only way is to amplify each other.


Who is in a Pod?

---The community of people congregated around the region for humanizing and around the industry for deep knowledge sharing. They typically will have 2 or 3 Pod-ers more visible that are doing the work against Human Debt "out loud" in the media at that time but the baton is being passed around.  


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