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Buy Here and Get Access to the Team Dashboard TODAY!

Don't wait for permissions or approvals, this is symbolic pricing for software at cost offered because the world needs to bust Human Debt and you can do your part.  Imagine if successful engineering teams would have had to have waited for all communication managers, all ops, security, legal and HR people to approve Slack integrations - We’d still we waterfall-ing and communicating by Twitter.

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Product Walkthrough

Single Team Monthly Subscription to the PeopleNotTech Team Dashboard

50 pounds per month for your entire team to have a place to grow, think, communicate, measure, learn, increase their emotional closeness, their Psychological Safety and therefore their passionate performance. It's less than a round of drinks and you don't have to do that. (But you still should because they're fun and they deserve it!) 

Team of Teams - 10 Teams Subscription to the PeopleNotTech Team Dashboard

Designed for those ambitious new leaders who want to build on the right Tech Led Cultural Foundations whether an entrepreneur or an intrapreneur, as soon as you need more than 6 teams, the cost is too high despite it being at cost so here's a further discount if your growth goes as fast as we know it will once you use us. 

Becoming Human (and Tech) Debt Free

Need more than 10 teams? Are you ready to build a Tech Led Culture with neither Human nor Tech Debt? 

Read more on the technology here

A Letter From Our Founders  

(On why they pivoted and offered this near-freemium (at cost) model you see below to subsidise teams with the most Human Debt and to invest in those leaders of the future who want to build debt-free winning, happy, high-performing Tech Led Cultures)

Dear Human Debt Fighters in Role,

If you work for an enterprise and you haven’t yet seen us in the enterprise it probably means the massive HumanDebt is keeping the organisation from being smart enough to kit you with it. This is not the first time it happened of course, we’re yet another tool that has to go “almost-freemium” to reach the people in the trenches who need us. It also sadly means that your people are probably feeling this Human Debt every day and they can only count on you to get any of the tools and respect they need. This tool will make everyone’s life easier and when you have proven that and are ready to help your colleagues call us and we’ll work together to try to defeat your HumanDebt again. In fact, when you’re ready to offer your team’s example as an internal POC we’ll waive your subscription fee!


Dear Human Debt Preventer,

If you’re an emergent leader who is either building a startup or a handful of new teams to achieve something awesome so you know the people aspect will be critical which is why you’re here, congratulations!  We know you’ll do well! This is genuinely the healthiest thing you could have done to future-proof your organisation - create people-centric foundations. When you start a TechLedCulture with the values of happy, healthy and high-performing, Psychologically Safe teams you’re guaranteed a better economic outcome than any of your competitors who were smart enough to do so. If you use the software in several teams for a few months and want to talk about your success to inspire others come speak to us and we’ll reward your enterprise with a Lifetime free license until IPO!

Don’t forget we have tonnes of resources for Human Debt Fighters and Preventers in the Tech Led Culture Ideas and Pods sections and come listen to our weekly pods on the Secret Society (of Human Work Advocates and Human Debt Fighters) and the People AND Tech podcasts.

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